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The present patent (invention) is a new mixture of active ingredients that completely eliminates Rhynchophorus ferrugineus infestation on palms and other crops.



Romano Natur GmbH has identified a special synergistic parasiticidal composition, based on a synergistic mixture of several active ingredients. This is able to quickly and efficiently eliminate Rhynchophorus ferrugineus infestations.


The composition is a mixture of selected insecticides that develops a simultaneous attack against a variety of physiological and detoxifying mechanisms of the parasite.


The composition consists of several active ingredients, some of which are used primarily in microencapsulated form. The inventors have also studied and optimized the best ratios of these active ingredients to achieve maximum efficiency.


The pesticide is a systemic pesticide whose active ingredients are absorbed through the leaves and / or roots and transported to the rest of the plant. These systemic pesticides are able to spread through the xylem and or phloem, reaching the growing vegetative parts or the roots and other underground organs.

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